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Monday - June 17, 2019


Cydonian Technologies is currently in development of a new on-line tool for the generation of test data. The product is called "Gendatarator" and it is in final beta-testing. Gendatarator acts as a "reverse regex engine", allowing complex composition of strings and formats.

Gendatarator is being developed in three phases:

Phase I - Gendatarator Freeform. Freeform is a free tool that will allow the creation of up to 250 records of test data. This tool is called "Freeform", since it allows complete flexibility over how the output data is created. Freeform is focused on the creation of CSV-formatted output to provide the greatest flexibility of use.

Phase II - Gendatarator Plus - Gendatarator Plus is also free (with registration), and will have a completely different look and feel from Freeform. While Freeform is focused on CSV and HTML output, Plus will add the capability for SQL and XML formatted output. Plus is designed to allow users to define the generation of test data around the data structures inherent in both SQL and XML. Plus will also be limited to the creation of 250 records per run.

Phase III - Gendatarator Pro - Pro will have the same look and feel as Plus, but will have a more capabilities and will allow the generation of a much larger number of records. Pro will require a subscription (to be determined), and is targeted at professionals and organizations who need more capabilities and larger blocks of data.

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