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Monday - June 17, 2019


Cydonian Technologies offers many services to support the competitive nature of your business.

The primary focus for assisting clients is in three main areas:

Legacy Systems Integration and Modernization - This can best be thought of as deriving the highest benefit from existing equipment and applications. Many times, an information system will provide most of the required capabilities, but may be lacking newer features or capabilities. An example of this might be an older mainframe that is used effectively for accounting, but lacks the capability to produce usable reports or provide information via the corporate Intranet. For financial reasons, it may not make sense to replace the system at this time, but the costs of producing and circulating paper-based reports may be astronomical (and hidden!). The first part of the solution is to examine how the system might be integrated into the corporate network using contemporary tools. Use of an Information Broker application can bridge the gap between the legacy system and newer applications and interfaces. This type of integration may also provide a stepping stone with an easier path to further migration in the future.

Systems Automation -  Companies spend vast sums of money each year for employees to perform the same tasks over and over. While expensive, these repetitive tasks can also be the source of critical data errors with the large degree of human data entry. While most CEOs know what is needed, the staff is at an impasse on how to make automation happen. How do you automate a telnet-based application? How do you automate an application that runs on dumb terminals? How do you easily retrieve data that requires a myriad of keystrokes and navigation of many pages? Without a thorough understanding of contemporary tools, this would be an impossible task. There are many tools that can be used to solve these problems; the key is to know about them and have a thorough understanding of their use.

Technology Management - The effective management of technology can be a daunting task involving the integration of different operating systems, disparate applications, and countless off-the-shelf and customized tools. Too often, management is what occurs after the implementation of new technology, rather than prior to it. Most companies struggle to make it through today, when the true goal of the company is the creation of an Information Architecture which provides the competitive advantage of tomorrow. Technology Management is the analysis of business needs and the development a comprehensive plan of attack to utilize technology to meet those goals.

As an extension of these focused areas, Cydonian Technologies can also offer assistance in the following areas:

* Business Process Analysis
* Business and Technical Writing
* Software and Systems Design
* Technical Training and Curriculum Development
* Network Design and Support
* Business Continuity Planning

To best illustrate our vision in developing effective solutions, below are some example case studies:

Case Study #1 – Access to Legacy Reports Utilizing Web Technologies

Case Study #2 – Migration of Telnet Applications to the Web