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Sunday - July 21, 2019


Cydonian Technologies was created to provide "outside-the-box" solutions to companies seeking a true competitive advantage. Traditionally, many companies have "thrown" new technology at problems without fully understanding the root cause, or the impact of the technology.  Systems that were designed to simplify became complex; applications that were supposed to be intuitive required extensive training; and products implemented to reduce costs required more staff. Many organizations were forced make a decision - continue to pour resources into a project, or abandon the new technology. In hindsight, it is easy to see why the technology bubble burst. Technology companies sold the concept of "Good", "Fast" and "Cheap", with an emphasis on Fast.  This ultimately led organizations to move forward on initiatives without a full understanding of the technology or the viability. For many companies, the application of new technology was the beginning of the end.

Technology is often sold to organizations in the hope that it will provide a competitive advantage if they are the first. The sad truth is that technology can often compound a problem, rather than solve it. Technology should support the business, not the other way around. Companies often adopt technology haphazardly - jumping at new products and solutions without fully understanding the nature of the technology, or the scope of the problems they are trying to resolve. Implementing technology without a clear reason and implementation plan is a recipe for disaster.

Organizations place an increasingly higher demand on IT, while reducing the available resources to complete the project. In many cases, technology is implemented to reduce staffing costs. This has typically resulted in failed projects, along with higher costs to replace staff when they burn out. Many companies have resorted to outsourcing in an effort to address staff turnover and hopefully reduce costs. In the end, organizations find that outsourcing is neither cheap nor effective, as their watch their most valuable asset - corporate knowledge - walk out the door at the end of the contract.

The solution is to identify business problem and inefficiencies, and develop an effective plan - using technology where applicable. This seems very simple and logical, however most organizations are so involved in "fire fighting" that a thorough analysis is anything but simple. Cydonian Technologies was created to assist companies in identifying root causes of business problems, and develop solutions (from scratch or via integration) to meet those needs. We have no alliances with vendors, so we are not obligated to push any products.  That means we are 100% focused on meeting the needs the customer.

Making the right decision is paramount in today's business climate. Businesses should apply the right technology to the right business case. This concept is the core of the Cydonian Technologies philosophy.